SuperSteam Diamond Pads

Diamond Cleaning System

Deep clean and polish your floors with billions of microscopic diamonds! Your floor becomes even more shiny every single day! No chemicals required, just SuperSteam Diamond Pads, water and mechanical scrubbing.



  • Amazingly clean – Using billions of microscopic diamonds to mechanically scrub and polish floor surface

  • Eco-friendly¬† – Diamond Pads eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals and heavily reduces the need for periodic floor maintenance

  • Restoration – Diamond Pads transforms the surface of a dull and worn floor to a clean, shiny and polished surface without need for additional periodical maintenance

  • Versatile – Use on Terrazzo, Ceramic, Natural Stone, PVC, Vinyl, VCT, Rubber, Wood and Polished Concrete

  • Cost effective – Cleans up to 30,000 m2 surface area with one single pad

  • Less bacteria – Floor surfaces treated with Diamond Pads contains 80% less bacteria compared against conventional methods

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