Window Squeegee Set

Squeegee & Lambswool

The Window Squeegee Set comes with a Squeegee, T Bar, Lambswool. Great value for money!

2 different sizes available: 35cm & 45cm

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Technical Specifications

Item NameSizeSKU
Window Squeegee Complete Set35cmB-00015
Window Squeegee Complete Set45cmB-00016

Window squeegee complete set come with:

  • 1 x Lambswool
  • 1 x T-Bar
  • 1 x Window Squeegee


Item NameSKU
Window Squeegee 35cm4032-950002
Window Squeegee 45cm4032-950005
Replacement Window Squeegee Strip 105cm4032-950008
T-Bar 35cm4182-950005
T-Bar 45cm4182-950006
Lambswool 35cm4182-950002
Lambswool 45cm4182-950004