TTS Maxi

Popular Italian Janitorial Trolley

Durable and long-lasting janitorial trolley. With proper usage, many TTS trolleys have been used for up to 5 years or even more. Rilsan-coated to prevent rust at metal parts.

Designed and made in Italy.

5 Important Benefits

  • Polypropylene makes the plastic trays and trolley structure robust and not brittle
  • Double mop buckets to ensure superior cleaning results
  • Colour coded 6 L buckets and 15 L mop buckets to prevent cross contamination
  • Original TTS wringer to provide excellent mop drying results
  • Slim design for narrow corridors
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Brand: TTS

Key Features

Original TTS Wringer

Original TTS Wringer

Long lasting and robust wringer

Additional Tool Holders

Additional Tool Holders

Able to fix many additional tool holders

Technical Specifications

Trolley NameTTS Maxi
SKU No2082-930002
Dimensions (cm)123 (L) x 65 (W) x 110 (H)
Weight (kg)20.6 kg
Buckets Capacity (Big)2 x 15 L
Buckets Capacity (Small)2 x 6 L

TTS Maxi is supplied complete with mop wringer, 2 x grey basins (22 x 44 cm), 2 x buckets (6L), 2 x mop buckets (15L) and bag (120L).


ItemSKU No.
TTS Single Hook2084-930001
TTS Handle Holder for Metal Bar2084-930005
TTS Handle Holder for Big Basin2084-930029
TTS Plastic Bucket 15 L (Red)2084-930006
TTS Plastic Bucket 15 L (Blue)2084-930007
TTS Wheels2084-930008
TTS Wringer Holder2084-930020
TTS Wringer White Clip2085-Z-00003730
Leo Bag (Blue)4034-930901
Bucket 6L (Red)4032-920033
Bucket 6L (Blue)4032-920036
TTS Plastic Bucket 15L (Blue)2084-930007
TTS Plastic Bucket 15L (Red)2084-930006
TTS Grey Plastic Mop Wringer2084-930016
Ezy Downpress Wringer4032-920003