Moerman Combinator

Window Cleaning Set

The Moerman Combinator Set is an ergonomic, lightweight and versatile system that is great for window cleaning jobs. It can be customised to the window that you clean.


 5 Important Benefits

  • Clean up to 40% faster!

  • Deliver amazing and consistent results with less effort: no water residues in corners and edges

  • Unique and ergonomic design

  • Lightweight for easy handling

  • Durable and high quality finishing


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Key Features

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Moerman Combinator Window Squeegee 35 cm Set consists of:
ItemsSKU No.
Combinator Handle2252-Z-22553
Combinator T-Bar 35 cm2252-Z-22555
Combinator Premium Sleeve 35 cm2252-Z-22560
Liquidator Channel & Soft Rubber 35 cm2252-Z-21979