Glomesh Doodlebug Pad

Rectangle Scouring Pads

Durable and Effective

Specially made in a rectangular form, the Glomesh Doodle Bug Pads designed to provide highest productivity of scrubbing for the user.  With thicker fibres, the Glomesh Doodle Bug Pads are able to tackle tough stains while maintaining a consistent performance. Each pad is reversible and will not be damaged by water or cleaning detergents. With the Glomesh’s Open Web Design, the Doodle Bug is easily washed and ready for its next use. 


  • Thicker Fibres – Thicker fibres are able to last through heavy use

  • Superior Binder (Glue) Material – Stronger glue is used to increase performance 

  • Open Web Design – Easy to wash and maintain

  • Reversible Pads – Use both sides for maximum area coverage

– Use with Hand scrubbing tools or the TomCat NanoEdge



Glomesh Doodle Bug Colour Usage
Black  Black Strip High Productivity 
Blue Light-duty cleaning of dirt
Peach Remove Scuff marks easily and quickly
White  Cleans without dulling gloss finish
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Technical Specifications

Item NameGlomesh Doodlebug Pad
Size(mm)250 x 115
Product TypeRectangular Scrubbing Pad