TBC (501)

Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

TBC is formulated from a synergistic blend
of mineral acids and powerful wetting agents
especially effective for toilet bowl descaling.
TBC also acts as a germicide, destroying
odour-releasing germs and bacteria. Ideal
for the rapid removal of yellow urine stains
in toilet bowls and urinals and for general
cleaning of sanitary ware.

TBC (501) Improved Formula Version 3.0

  • Powerful anti-bacteria formula
  • Remove tough yellow urine stains
  • Easy application and very good coverage
  • Easy rinse from toilet bowl
  • Also good for removing rust stains



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Key Features

Specially formulated for toilet bowls and urinals

Specially formulated for toilet bowls and urinals

Technical Specifications

Chemical NameTBC
Chemical Code501
Packaging5L ( 0880-TBC-5L ) / 25L ( 0880-TBC-25L )
MOQ1 carton ( 5 x 5L ) / 1 drum ( 25L )
pH1 (+/- 0.5)

Shelf life is 24 months from the manufacturing date in unopened container. 

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