Glomesh Regular Speed Pads

Innovative Surface Cleaning Technology

Designed with an innovative Open Web Design and thicker fibres, Glomesh pads outperform other conventional scrubbing pads.

The Open Web Design decreases the amount of dirt and heat trapped within the pad during and after use, allowing the pad to be longer lasting and increases cleaning performance.


  • Thicker Fibres – Thicker fibres are able to resist stretching during use, putting thinner strands of fibre at a disadvantage. This feature results in more durable pads

  • Superior Binder (Glue) Material¬†– Stronger glue is needed to prolong performance and to enhance durability. Conventional pads experience high degree of fall out because of weak binder (glue), sacrificing pad's performance and life

  • Open Web Design¬†– Having a breathable pad, heat and dirt are allowed to escape, reducing the breakdown of fibres and maintaining cleaning performance over time

  • Floor Contact – Glomesh pads possess a flexibility to reach depressions in the floor surface, i.e “Peaks and Valleys”. This is determined by the crimps and folds which add flexibility, a binder (glue) system that is elastic with a slow methodical breakdown rate


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Key Features

Thicker Fibres

Thicker Fibres

Microscopic image of the Glomesh pad shows thicker and stronger fibres. A trait that increases durability of the pad.

Comparison of Fibres

Comparison of Fibres

With 0.35 mm thicker fibres as compared to conventional 0.18 mm fibres, Glomesh pads are more durable and powerful.

Open Web Design

Open Web Design

Balanced even patches of light are able to pass through the pad. A web structure that dissipates heat evenly. Reducing excessive heat being build up which can damage fibres and causes premature deterioration.

Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and Valleys

The flexibility of each Glomesh pad enables it to deliver deep cleaning over "Peaks and Valleys" on any surface.

Technical Specifications

White16"6101 - Z - 0010816
White20"6101 - Z - 0010820
Red15"6101 - Z - 0010515
Red16"6101 - Z - 0010516
Red20"6101 - Z - 0010520
Blue16"6101 - Z - 0010416
Black15"6101 - Z - 0010115
Black16"6101 - Z - 0010116
Black20"6101 - Z - 0010120
Emerald15"6101 - Z - 0030215
Emerald16"6101 - Z - 0030216
Emerald20"6101 - Z - 0030220






Each type of Glomesh pad is sold in a box of 5.