Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Wirbel W1 is a compact, lightweight and powerful backpack vacuum. Wearing it as a backpack free the operator’s hands, does not hinder movement and allow fast and more effective cleaning, especially in tight, cluttered places.

Equipped with double filtration system (cartridge filter + paper filter bag), exhaust air filter, accessory holders and motor thermal protection.



Double filtration system (Cartridge filter + Paper Filter Bag)

  • HEPA Cartridge (Optional)
  •  Accessory holders
  •  Flexible tube coupling
  •  Quiet Operation, only 60 dB(A)


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Technical Specifications

Machine NameWirbel W1
Machine TypeBackpack Vacuum Cleaner
SKU No2263-200001
Machine Dimensions (cm)24 x 49.5 x Ø20.2
Weight (without battery)4.8 kg
Capacity5 L
Motor Power (Direct Supply) (V/W)220-240 V / 1350 W
Depression (mbar)290
Noise level (dBA)60


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