Alcofoam (412)

Alcoholic Foam Sanitiser

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Alcofoam is a rinse-free, non-toxic and non-sticky hand sanitiser which effectively eliminates 99.999% of germs and bacteria. Its fast drying and skin-friendly formula, makes it suitable for women and children. Perfect for school, childcare centres, F&B establishments, kitchens and hotels. It is ready to use with no dilution / mixing required.


6 Important Benefits

  • Highly effective (99.999% effectiveness BS EN 1040 : 2005 standard)

  • Rinse free and non-sticky, no residue left behind

  • Cost effective – Foam dispenses less solution per use (0.8 ml Alcofoam vs 1.6 ml Alcogel per use)

  • Non-toxic, safe to use (Corn derived ethanol)

  • Fast drying, skin-friendly formula, suitable for women and children

  • Light orange fragrance



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Key Features

Key Features